Get Your Heat Pump Work Properly to Avoid Discomfort

Boca Raton Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump Service

A well-serviced heat pump is able to save up to 25% on energy cost. When the system is installed and tested by a professional, it is able to deliver years of dependable service. A heat pump system will also significantly increase your property’s value just as other types of home improvement do.

For this reason, it is of paramount importance that you have your system working properly. This article offers tips on how to get your heat pump working properly for better comfort in Boynton Beach.

Boca Raton Heat Pump Professional

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

(1) When should I replace my heat pump? There comes a point in time when repairing your heating system just won’t do. One of the reasons you might want to consider replacing your system is age. For instance, if your heat pump is approaching 10 years in age and some components such as outdoor coils, accumulators, reversing valve and compressors are not functioning well, then replacement would probably be the best idea. This is because repairing these components might end up costing you more in the long run.

(2) Should I repair my own heat pump? It is not always a good idea to go about repairing heat pumps without professional help. This is especially so when one does not have thorough understanding of electricity. Heat pumps make use of a 240 volt circuit and one is prone to electrocution and shock. Also, modern systems are much more complicated than it was the case some time back. You are probably better off working with air conditioning repair Boynton Beach service provider for better results.

(3) How often should the air filter in my system be changed? Well, this all depends on the type of filter you are currently using. For instance, if you have the electrostatic filter or electronic air cleaners, you will have the option to clean and place them back. The media type air cleaners on the other hand are disposable and will need to be changed after a certain period of time. Most media type air cleaners are designed to last up to a year before they need replacing. Changing air filters is a fairly easy task that doesn’t require professional assistance. It is however very important that you read manual instructions to avoid problems.

(4) Can I cover my outdoor heat pump? Covering your out door system can help protect it from the elements. However, you should ensure the cover does not interfere with air flow from the unit. The cover should also allow for easy servicing of the unit.Annual Maintenance by Professional Air Conditioning Repair Boynton Beach Service ProvidersWhile do-it-yourself enthusiasts are able to save some money on various maintenance procedures, some of these tasks require a professional. Inspection of ducts for instance should be carried out at least once every year to ensure your system is in perfect condition. Checking and fixing duct leakage should also be carried out by a qualified technician at least once every year. A technician is able to detect potential problems with your system and will formulate the best solution within the shortest period of time. This not only saves you money, but also ensures your heat pump serves you well for an extended period of time.

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