4 Step Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner

4 Step Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner

4 Step Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are one of few electrical devices that needs constant maintenance not only to keep it from breaking down but also to keep it running efficiently and cost effectively. Here is a 4 step maintenance for your Boca Raton air conditioner you can follow to ensure that your AC unit will run efficiently and last longer.

No matter what type of air conditioner you use there are three main parts that needs regular cleaning. The air filter, the evaporator coils, and the drain.

Step For Air Conditioning Maintenance Boca Raton

The first step is to clean the filter. The filter catches the dust in the air and keeps it from entering the coils and clogging them. The frequency of cleaning the filters depends on the frequency of usage and size of the AC. Typically, the filter should be cleaned every 15 hours. This will ensure that the filter does not accumulate too much dust impeding the incoming air from going in. When the air is impeded the AC tries harder to suck in air and thus consuming more electricity.

The second step is cleaning the evaporator coils. You can simply vacuum the coils and wipe them with a clean cloth or with the use of Boca Raton air conditioning. You just have to make sure that the dust that accumulates in there is removed.

The third step is cleaning drain and drain tube. The evaporator coils condenses the moisture in the air and deposits that moisture into the drain and with it, dust. To clean it, you will have to detach the drain tube and clean it by running water though it. You could clean the drain with a simple bottle brush.

Lastly, you should shut down the AC when not in use. It will help rest and cool down the motors keeping it from suffering too much wear and tear. Following all these steps will help prong the air conditioners life as well as save electricity.

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